Tell me about you.. your family? Studies?

I am a Punjabi guy born in Delhi. Born and brought up there and studied from Khalsa College, Delhi. I used to assist my father in business as belongs to typically Punjabi business family where parents want their kids to work with them and carry the business ahead. I was also helping in business but my heart was not there in it. I wanted to play, I wanted to do karate, I wanted to do body building etc. Never thought about modeling but had an inclination towards glamour field.

How did you enter Industry?

I had an inclination towards glamour field but didn’t know how to go about it. Nobody from my family was there in the field, so I had no one to guide me. There was one guy in my gym, he was doing choreography too. He was running a model short for his show and asked me if I walk for his show. I agreed and I walked with confidence and everyone appreciated it very well. All suggested me to take up modeling seriously; I asked them how to go about it?

I went ahead for my portfolio. I realized it I was made for Camera. I was very flexible & free in front of the camera compared to my co-models. I was more inclined towards modeling. I walked the ramp for couple of big designers from Delhi. As I was very good in front of camera, I used to clear the auditions and started getting many offers for TV Commercials. For getting better opportunities of work, I shifted to Mumbai. Thinking I will be there for few month or a year, do many commercials, make lot of money and then go back to Delhi. Once I came Mumbai, I realized here I have lot of opportunities. I got a film offered and started preparing for that (Which never got released).

Somebody forwarded my pictures to Star Plus and I got offer for TV serial. After that TV serial lot of television shows I got. While that time I realized that I was ok in front of camera, I could speak dialogue very well but somewhere was not satisfied how to emote. To improve on expressions part I started doing theaters, did lot of theaters with Gujarati people, they were not very big names but in Gujarati theaters even if you are not a big name you have a good director, everyone is good over there. Then I started doing many social dramas and stuff. After Vikram aur Betaal I realized I had a liking for these kind of characters. It requires a lot of hard work to do these kind of shows because you have to maintain your physique, you need to be a very good actor, your command over language should be very good. Meanwhile I started getting many offers from Punjab also. Role of Raavan became a turning point. Everyone wants to be a super-star and so I want to be. I know my strong points are – My good speech, Good body language, good grasping of the character and good acting similarly I have figured out my weak-points too.

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